Heywood Crossing

Heywood Crossing

Baldwin Real Estate, Inc., our property management company, at 2112 Hendersonville Rd, Arden, NC 28704.    Please enclose the following information with your first payment:

1.1. Your current address (reference bldg. & unit #), City, State, Zip Code
2.2. Home Phone #, Work Phone #
3.3. Date of purchase
4.4. Previous owner’s name.

This will allow the property Management Company to get you set up in their computer promptly.


Example Real Estate For Sale

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Once again, Welcome to Heywood crossing! We’re glad you are here! We hope you’ll find this community a great place to live and make new friends.

Some Notes To Make Living At Heywood crossing Easier.

All garbage is to be bagged and placed in the dumpster in the parking lot by the pool.  No trash is to be left on your front porch!  It needs to go from inside your unit to the dumpster.  Recycling is to be rinsed out and placed in the smaller dumpster marked “Curbie” located in the trash area.

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