I've had some great questions about Facebook business pages so I decided to write a quick FAQ. If you have other questions, please let me know and I'll update this post.  See other posts regarding Facebook Business page:
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Can I use my existing Facebook account?
Yes, we are creating a separate page.

What if I already have a business page?
We can build over that page or create a new one.

Will my current "friends" and people that have already "liked" me see this page?

No, this page is for "new" likes and friends.

How can I get my current friends to see this new page?

1. Email an announcement or create a Facebook post that takes them directly to the new business page. This page can be found anytime on the left hand column of Facebook, under the link to your wall.

How can I see if people visit this page?

Facebook offers page statistics  with what they call "Insights".  These powerful statistics display in a graph format and include "Page Overview", "User", and "Interactions".  How many people viewed your posts?  How many people "Liked" your posts, photos, or videos?  How many people have "Liked" or  "Commented" on those?  How many people "Liked" your page on a certain day.