This year has been a great for some yet tumultuous for others.  That said, even those that have done well have certainly had to adapt to the shifting markets.
At a trade show in ID, I especially enjoyed a presentation given by Erica Hill at a Keller Williams Mastermind retreat, which I want to share with you. Her message wasn't new, but we need a reminder -- History repeats itself. Markets go up and markets go down.... and then back up again. 
This collection of Time Magazine covers illustrates that in the 70s through the 90s, much like today, there were a lot of depressing media stories, but over the years the market returned.
Let's look forward to the U.S market finding its balance again and not forget we have family and friends to be thankful for in both good and bad markets.

This following excerpt from a PowerPoint presentation authored by Erica Hill, Keller Williams Realty is used with permission. 


Time Magazine Cover 1977

 Time Magazine Cover from the 1980s

Time Magazine Cover from 1984

Time Magazine Cover from 1987

Time Magazine Cover from 1990

Time Magazine Cover from 1998


Time Magazine Cover from the 1970s