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Future Blog Post

by Rick Headley

well bleh.

Real Pro Gold- Integrated Blog Advantage

by Charlee Jacobs

Real Pro Gold Advantages

Real Pro Gold comes with your own integrated agent Blog.  No need to go out and purchase or create a separate blogging system, you can turn on your own blog with a click of a mouse.  Use your blog to establish your local expertise, personalize your business and enhance your search engine optimization. 

How Does Blogging Help My SEO? Search engines are continually searching for new content to index and one of the fastest ways to add unique, fresh content to your site is by using an integrated Blog.  The more often search engines find new content on your site, the faster they will come back next time and the higher the ranking in the search result.  Blogging is a fast, easy way to help you with your organic search rankings.

Site Map Submission Service We submit your website’s site map to the search engines after each Blog post.  We submit to MSN live, Google, Google blogs, and Yahoo! 

Blog Directory Pinging Service In addition to submitting your site map we also send out an electronic signal, or ping to several blog directories to let them know you have a new blog post to index.  We ping:  Ping-o-Matic, Feedburner, Technorati, Weblogs and Twingly.

Need Help with What to Write? We know that coming up with things to write about on your Blog can be almost as challenging as writing the blog itself; which is why we have included a list of 100 topics to blog about build right into the Real Pro Gold admin panel. 

Do You Tweet? Since Twitter has become more popular as an online social networking tool in the real estate industry, we thought it would be nice to integrate your Blog and your Twitter account. Just click a box and your new posts will be posted to your Twitter account. 

Twitter Bird

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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