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by Rick Headley

Future Blog Post

by Rick Headley

well bleh.

Need leads?

by Charlee Jacobs

Thanksgiving offer!

Special discount pricing available through Nov. 30th.

Do you need leads?  88% of Real Estate Transactions originate from the Internet.  To get a piece of this pie, you need a strategy to get leads starting today to build a continuous stream to carry you through next year.

How do you get there?  You could spend your time writing original content, Blogging, and doing local search submission. You could do your own PPC ad words and manage Google, Yahoo and Bing accounts to try and get leads but what a hassle!

Better to focus on selling real estate and delegate these tasks to Real Pro Systems, the experts in internet marketing for Realtors!

We have two powerful programs to jumpstart your lead flow and build a steady stream of leads!

ProLeads - Our Internet marketing program to help agents get buyer leads immediately. We will capture a name, email address, and search criteria, save the search via IdxBroker, and add the lead to your email home search campaign.

SEO services -  Your long term strategy to get leads and have your website be found in the search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimization Package includes:

  • Original Content about your communities written by professional copywriters
  • Monthly Blog Posts written by professional copywriters
  • “Local” Search Engine Submission
  • Custom “clickable” Google Map
  • Competitor Research
  • Monthly reporting on progress

Call me for details, pricing and to get started. 541-743-8511

Facebook Business Page FAQ

by Charlee Jacobs

I've had some great questions about Facebook business pages so I decided to write a quick FAQ. If you have other questions, please let me know and I'll update this post.  See other posts regarding Facebook Business page:
Why you need a Facebook business page.
Facebook business page examples and our setup process.

Can I use my existing Facebook account?
Yes, we are creating a separate page.

What if I already have a business page?
We can build over that page or create a new one.

Will my current "friends" and people that have already "liked" me see this page?

No, this page is for "new" likes and friends.

How can I get my current friends to see this new page?

1. Email an announcement or create a Facebook post that takes them directly to the new business page. This page can be found anytime on the left hand column of Facebook, under the link to your wall.

How can I see if people visit this page?

Facebook offers page statistics  with what they call "Insights".  These powerful statistics display in a graph format and include "Page Overview", "User", and "Interactions".  How many people viewed your posts?  How many people "Liked" your posts, photos, or videos?  How many people have "Liked" or  "Commented" on those?  How many people "Liked" your page on a certain day.

Why you need a Facebook business page

by Charlee Jacobs

Let's let unbiased experts answer the question of the benefits of having a Facebook Business page. I copied the top reasons from a Blog post on Social Media Today by William Wells III:

On top of all these reasons, the advantage of having an RSS feed of your own listings and Blog posts right onto your Business wall, lead capture forms that feed into your Real Pro Systems back office and drip email campaign(s) and a profressional look that matches your website is unbeatable.

Excerpted from: 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Facebook Business Pages are indexed by search engines.  Personal pages... not so much.   In this day and age, with the unfathomable amount of pages and websites on the Internet, you need to be doing everything possible to improve your online visibility.  A well constructed and engaging "Facebook Business Page" will go a long way in helping make up for what your website is not currently doing for you.


"Friends" verses "Likes"... or "Fans": There is NO limit on the number of fans... or people who can "Like" your Facebook business page. However, there's a cap on the number of "Friends" you can have on a profile page.  That cap is 5,000. Do you really want to set limitations like that?

One "Profile"... many "Business Pages": You can have multiple business pages... however, you can have only one profile page.  Why is this important?  Think outside the box for a moment.  What if you're a Real Estate Agent by day... and you're a Karaoke Deejay by night.  Nope... didn't make that example up!   Or perhaps you own a small Bed & Breakfast, but you also own a consignment shop in town.  Didn't make that one up either.  Point is... you can manage multiple, yet individual, Facebook Business pages... all within one Facebook account.

Statistics and Monitoring Activity: Everyone loves statistics... hits... visits... etc.  Facebook Business Pages have such a thing.  It's called "Insights".  These powerful statistics display in a graph format and include "Page Overview", "User", and "Interactions".  How many people viewed your posts?  How many people "Liked" your posts, photos, or videos?  How many people have "Liked" or  "Commented" on those?  How many people "Liked" your page on a certain day?  And much more!  This information is invaluable when it comes to making your Facebook Business page more useful, engaging, and successful!  There's no such information available on a profile page.

"Landing Pages" and additional "Tabs": Technology exists now for you to turn a Facebook business page into a mini website.  For example, you could integrate an interactive business directory or events calendar right into your Facebook business page.  You could introduce an additional tab which might have printable coupons and special "Facebook Only" promotions.   This is impossible with a personal page.


...First of all, Facebook personal pages or "Profiles" are intended for people... not businesses.  Technically it's against the rules where Facebook's privacy policy is concerned although they don't appear to be cracking down on this at the moment.
Secondly, you should WANT people to "Like" your business page without you having to spend your valuable time administrating that aspect of your Facebook page.  Do you really want to spend an hour of your time filtering through "Friend Requests", sifting through personal messages and notifications, removing  "Bejeweled Blitz" score posts and other unnecessary garbage on your wall?  Wouldn't you rather spend 30 minutes of your time posting valuable information to your audience about special deals, what's coming down the pike, and engaging your audience in a meaningful way?
More importantly, here are a few key reasons why your business or organization needs a "Facebook BUSINESS Page":


Your Facebook "Friend Requests": Bad for Business... Annoying to Me!

Give your facebook business page some sizzle

by Charlee Jacobs

Facebook business pages that sizzle!

If you already have a business page we can make yours sizzle! If you don't have a Facebook business page, we can help you get one setup.

Here are a few examples:

For current cleints, the setup process is easy and includes the following.
1. Creating the same look and feel of your current Real Pro Systems’ website.

2. a) slide-show of featured properties; b) IDX/Broker quick search widget; or c) embedded YouTube video.

3. 5 links from your home page that direct traffic to your website. We recommend the links for the page but you can request they be changed during the setup process.

4. Buyer and seller lead capture forms. Programming to link the forms to your database so you receive lead notifications and leads go into the proper drip campaigns.

Contact me for additional details. 541-743-8511 or

If you are not yet a Real Pro System's cleint and would like to learn more about how we can help you grow your online internet business, please get in touch with me.

Facebook Business Pages

by Charlee Jacobs

We just announced the release of Facebook Business pages for our current clients. This is such a timely offering and just what agents have been asking for.

These pages are very professional, cost effective and can help generate more leads to grow your business. You can read this Great Active Rain Post by Sam Miller.

Want to get started? Give me a call for details. 541-743-8511.

Memorial Day Special

by Charlee Jacobs

Have A Happy Holiday

Discount code has expired.

Integrating video into your online marketing

by Charlee Jacobs

This year we released a new VideoMail tool, called RPS video. This allows our clients to email You Tube videos in a blast message or add them to a drip email campaign. I've seen several great examples like video testimonials and listing presentations. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's webinar. You and register for the webinar on our website.

New User Interface - coming soon

by Charlee Jacobs

I just got a sneak preview of our new UI that is coming soon. I'm so amazed at the elegance of the look and the ease of use. Our development team is amazing and talented.

We are still in the Alpha phase, but I can see that this will take Real Pro System's to a whole new level.... again.

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