I thought the CyberStars and the Real Pro Systems folks would be amused to know that Real Pro Systems is responsible for my finding the new home I'm closing on next week.
How it happened: I got a request through Real Pro Systems for a market analysis. We went through all the normal processes of getting acquainted on-line. I prepared the usual marketing presentation, including a CD by Real Estate Power Tools. Met them in-person for a listing consultation. Listed the home and went forward with all the normal marketing.
I mentioned to my wife off and on during the first month how much I liked this home. She kept bugging me to go see it. After a month and no offers I showed it to her, and it was all over. Of course as it worked out we did the deal the night we left for three week's vacation.
Most expensive Christmas present I ever bought anyone! Can't believe I'm taking on a mortgage that could run until I'm 95! Well, my dad's that old, mom's not far behind, and he's still working because he loves his career as a consulting engineer, and Mom still preaches around northern Vermont as an Episcopal deacon.
But, anyway, thanks Real Pro Systems!!