We just got back from Launching our new "social networking" system called Village Maker. Village Maker is the latest addition Real Pro Systemsproduct line.

For many years Real Pro Systems has helped agents build their business by capturing and cultivating leads. The next logical step is keeping in constant contact with those past clients. VillageMaker accomplishes just that. It offers a medium to build even deeper relationships with your clients as well as gain subtle introduction to their friends and family. By building your sphere of influence your referral base will grow.

How does it work?  Well, here is just one example. After you close on a home you can gift your client their very own website that has the photos and details for their new home (you can go back through your past clients and give them a site too). Not only will they share the purchase of their new home with their friends and family, but they will also want to continue to use their site to share other fun and important events that happen in their lives.  

The benefit for you (the agent) is that you are the sponsor of this local network and your branding will appear (subtly) at the bottom of all your client's posts. When friends and family of your clients visit your members site, you are gaining a subtle endorsement as the agent of choice to buy a home through. You are also staying "top of mind" with your clients as they are always logging in to use site you gifted them.