If you have a lot of listings for sale, it can be frustrating for website visitors to page through them all while looking for homes of interest.  Does your website provide the ability to sort them by price or city or other characteristics? 

If you work properties in markets that differ markedly such as investment Property vs. vacation property, REOs or even rentals, this can be especially important.  Consider grouping them together by category, and then creating a specific sub-menu entry that brings up only that group of properties.

Instead of one “Featured Properties” page and menu, you could have a top-level menu “Featured Properties” and then sub-menus that appear and describe groups of properties; rentals, vacation homes, luxury homes, condos, and the like.  Each of those sub-menus can then point to a page or list of just those properties.

Your site visitors will find this far more intuitive and easy to navigate.  They can easily key in on just what they are looking for.  This may sound hard to do, but it is very easy to set up in Real Pro Gold.  I created a tag for rental listings. Under my menu item “properties for sale” you will find a dropdown item for rentals. Any Property I tag “rental” will appear on the page. See for your self.