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Just Married

by Charlee Koff

 After years and years we finally tied the knot.

My girlfriend asked me a week after the wedding, "So how is married life?" I replied, great, if I had to do if over again I would. Both of us chuckled thinking at the same time..... with today's divorce rate, that could happen. So I'm modifying my answer to, "I'd do it again, but not to someone else. :)



Active Rain

by Charlee Koff

I just became a member of Active Rain, a Real Estate Community site. If you are looking for tips and advice for your business, it can be a good resource. All sorts of topics are discussed and It is free to join.

Stealth sites lead to success

by Charlee Koff

"Speaking as a REALTOR®, I can tell you that so far this year, my personal RPS stealth sites generated about $10,000,000 in sales. Remember: this is Portland Oregon, not Berkeley, so our average price is only $240,000. 

"The secret to the whole thing is keeping our egos out of it. As agents, we always promote ourselves. We name domain names after ourselves, have 6" glossies of ourselves on our sites, etc. This does not appeal to the consumers as much as directly meeting their needs through a stealth site.  

“I am in Portland Oregon, home to 20,000 Intel engineers. Some of my clients are in the ‘social anthropology’ group, and they literally do studies on how we do things. What they have shared with me is that our main buyer group grew up trusting technology, they hate salespeople and they don't want to be ‘sold.’ One of the reasons is they can find out more on the product they are buying on the Internet than the salesperson knows, whether it be a car, a camera or a house. They tell me that those people are more attracted to a "stealth" site precisely because they don't have to talk to a salesperson in order to get information.

 “This is why stealth sites work. We promote our stealth site addresses over and above our main site address in real estate magazines, on the back of our flyers and via postcards mailed to our IVR callers.”

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3

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