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Star Power article with Sam Miller

by Charlee Koff

This is a wonderful article with Star Power, Star, Sam Miller. With a small team of 6, in a  town of approximately 50,000 people, Sam's team closes hundreds of transactions per year by implementing technology in his business. As Sam says, " It's cheaper to invest in technology and systems than people. Technology requires less overhead, it's less expensive, it doesn't take time off, and it takes up less space."  Click here to read about his strategy for success.

Testimonial from Randy Gridley.

by Charlee Koff

3/24/2006...Lets start from the beginning, I have been active in real estate since 1996. I have had three other websites before I started with Real Pro Systems. Each website I have paid for they all told me I should get leads if I stay in there long enough and direct traffic towards my sites which I was doing through newspaper ads, google adds, links, flyers, voice mail messages and still not receiving what I call enough leads to pay for the advertising. Then I heard about Real Pro Systems while attending a GRI course. Of course I called Real Pro Systems to hear there story.

This is my testimonial for activating a website thru Real Pro Systems. I activated my new website thru Real Pro Systems with skepticism 11/07/2005. I listened to Garland Haas teleconferences and even listened to one that was live. Garland says with the automatic drip mail Real Pro system has that from your leads you should start seeing activity in 4 to 6 months. I said yeh have I heard this before, but he is another agent so I really listened.

From day one I started with ProLeads advertising at $250/month. I have tried the google ads myself with lots of clicks and no customers. You have the choice to do your own pro-clicks or have pro-clicks with Real Pro Systems do it for you. Since in the past I was not getting the leads I decided to let ProLeads do my set up and advertise for me within my $250 range. I started getting emails leads immediately. Almost all the leads you receive will be from buyers looking to buy. I treat all my leads as if they were already clients. In other words when they sign up for Automatic email search, I try to make sure they will receive automatic emails within there search criteria even if I have to do a second automatic search for building lots only. Most of your emails will come with first names only with their criteria and a email address. All of a sudden with the drip mail system and you sending automatic emails you are in front of that person probably twice a week. Some of the customers write back to the automatically generated emails and eventually get real comfortable with you and what you are doing for them and all of a sudden they start giving you their last names phone #'s ect.

Anyway it is now 3/24/2006, I have closed 4 transactions, I have 2 pending and numerous leads that are coming my way in the next few months. I increased my ProLeads to $350 and I can't tell you how happy I am.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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