I am thrilled with the program! Since May 1st, I have received 139 leads and only 16 of those have opted out. That's an average of 39 leads per month. I didn't calculate bad or bounced emails out of the Real Pro Systems site.
To date, I have closed one transaction, have another one pending, and have met face-to-face with 4 other buyers. I think 2 of the 4 will actually purchase, the other 2 might. There is a 5th contact that is moving here in December that I hope to meet with. So far all of the leads are qualified buyers.
People keep asking me how I can be busy in such a slow market; the answer is Real Pro. I love the ProLeads program, and while I was skeptical about the passive approach, clearly it does work and is working for me. I have talked with other Real Pro users who do their own pay per click advertising, and they aren't getting anywhere near the results that I am.
Paige Lee