I recently read a post on Michael Russer's Online Dominance blog, in which Carie Gable, of RealSupport gave a great summary of some simple enhancements that a virtual assistant can do to your website that will make it more engaging to your visitors.

 “Your VA can easily slim down or beef up the stock content, re-name the pages, write SEO’d content tailored for your market and even add in all of your social networking links. Make the site more than a marketing gimmick. Make it a resource with community pages, dining suggestions, tax credit updates, loan tutorials – whatever appeals most to YOUR ideal client. The result is a site map that fits your target market’s needs and interests as well as a website that you can guarantee no one else has”

Hiring a Virtual Assistant has several advantages:

1) Utilize a Virtual Assistant only when you need them.

2) A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor with their own equipment - no overhead, no benefits, no payroll tax, no insurance.

3) You will not pay for the learning curve of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.  They will already be trained on the tools you require.

4) Hire an expert - Real Estate Agents are being asked to wear too many hats.  They are spread way too thin and because of technology, they don't always know how to accomplish what needs to be done to stay on top.  A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is an expert and specializes in Marketing for Real Estate and Social Networking.

5) Utilizing a Virtual Assistant will free up your time to SELL Property or work reasonable hours.