A few months back I received a call from a gentleman that offers SEO services. As an expert in his industry, he took note of our websites and started recommending our system to his clients. Why? In his words:

As a SEO professional you rarely find a website provider that takes in the full spectrum of their clients’ needs including those of the search engines. Real Pro Systems does just that.  I provide SEO services for the real estate industry, and Real Pro Systems hands down offers the best value for the industry's needs. I've seen real estate website providers that actually hinder their clients search engine rankings. Real Pro Systems has taken SEO friendliness to a whole new level.  The architecture and customizability make it my platform of choice. I can get my clients better search engine placement by using real pro gold or Real Pro Silver, which means better ROI for the client.  Lee West, SEO Professional Services.

Today I spoke with a client of ours that said, since he has used Lee to optimize his website, he is now #5 on Google for the number 1 search phrase in his area.

Great job Lee.