I'm often asked what kinds of Search Engine Optimization Real Pro System uses to ensure website hits and visility.

Our approach to lead generation is different than most. Search engine optimization is great for getting your site to the top of the search engines, it can equate to hundreds of hits to the website, but not necessarily leads. The key is getting someone to engage on the site once they are there. This is why our strategy is to advertise/promote a site such as www.rpshomesearch.com . On this type of site, it is easy for the prospect to identify what is in it for them. According to NAR, over 80% of the buyers start their search on line, so it makes sense to take them to a site that gives them what they are looking for and in return, you have a way (drip campaigns) and a reason to follow up with them on a continuous basis. The campaigns are meant to build the relationship and keep you top of mind till they are ready to come forward and work with you.
While top ranking is great and may be worth paying for, we recognize that it takes time and can be costly. We do submit to Google, yahoo and MSN. In addition, we have integrated tools, such as the Blog, that can help with SEO. On the internet, content is King and unique content is best. We also provide tools in the back office so each content rich page can be optimized with meta tags and key words. .
We also offer a buyer lead generation program where we generate buyer leads for you. This is not hits to your site, but rather a name, email address and search criteria of a prospective buyer. This service is called ProLeads.
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