Jason O'Neil just did a very informative interview with us at Real Pro Systems. The call was centered around lead generation.  

I was surprised to hear that he said "print advertising is not dead" and he had a great magazine article to back up this statement. His approach is to blend traditional advertising with the internet.

He went on to share how he uses print to find Sellers. One techniche he shared is shown in this example.

An update to that post is that he has had 6 appointments, 4 listings,  and 3 closed deals. $25K on $2900 investment. Great RIO!

His magazine ad (25,000 distribution that he showed on the webinar) resulted in 55 CMA requests and 2 sales. Cost was $375. Need I say more?

You should hear what he says about targeting investors or buyers looking for bank owned properties.

I was also very impressed as to how he uses Facebook advertising to generate business too. He was able to target a very specific audience of golfers in his community.

The take away for me was if you are going to spend money, spend it wisely. To be successful you need to try new things, be innovative and think out of the box.

If that is not you, don't reinvent the wheel, just follow other successful agents. :)