If you are looking for ways to share leads with a Lender and split marketing costs, Real Pro Systems has a proven solution. Read the testimonial below. These are great results.


I've been using RPS for just over a year now. I partnered with a local Real Estate agent who uses the Real Pro Systems as well. We share marketing dollars to generate leads through a program called ProLeads that Real Pro Systems manages. Over the last year I've received over 100 leads and have closed over 10 of them.

In addition, I use the system to send the eNewsletter to other Realtors in my area (I have over 1100 of them on my list). I've gotten great response. It helps keep me top of mind and I get a lot of referral business.

My goals were to find an easy to use system that was affordable, was easy to use, included a website, follow-up tools (newsletter and drip campaigns) and great customer service.

I made a great choice.

Thanks Real Pro Systems

Carl Bulgini III