This article was contributed by Dan Hatfield- ProLeads Manager. Thanks Dan!

There are many things you can do to/with your site to help it be indexed and placed higher by search engines. Here are two of the more popular ones:
1) Add additional content to your website - start with your main page, list the towns & areas you work in, the services you provide, give a little background about you and your team.  Mention some current things that you are involved in in your area if you are active in your community.
Create additional Resource Pages that give helpful and relevant information for your area.  It can range from a collection of schools and places to dine in your area (or categorized by each city) or could be information to help people get the most value for their home (ex: 10 Things to Do to Make Your Home More Appealing).  The more pages you have of useful information, the more people in your area will use you as a resource.  If people start using you as a resource the search engines will definitely take notice.  Be sure to make some links on the main page of your main site to articles you've written (or had someone else write for you) that you think people might be interested in.  Change these links from time to time with new content.
Find reputable companies and websites that will link to your main site.  Many sites will do it if you ask them nicely in a personalized email (no canned letters, website admins hate those).