If you are looking for seller leads, the newsletter is a great way to drive prospect, both buyer and sellers, to your stealth sites. The testimonial below demonstrates the power of an effective newsletter.

"After sending the newsletter out one evening, we received 4 seller leads, of those 1 appointment request and 3 CMA requests, and 15 buyer registration leads the next morning. 

Real Pro has helped us manage and track our internet leads.  We use the Real Pro drip campaign for all website registrations and leads this past year.  I like having a system that my team members can easily use and understand.  I have the reassurance that we are not losing valuable leads through lack of follow up.  We track our leads using the notes section for each Prospect.  Any team member can review notes for a lead with dates of contact and communication all in one place. 

We have learned that quick responses to our internet leads helped us double out lead conversion to appointments. 

In addition, now we are able to track our leads more specifically using the Visitstat feature offered through Real Pro.  I really like the feature of being able to track more specifically the website traffic with the help of the Visistat feature."

Karen Jolley

The Buckley Jolley Real Estate Team